The Gateway Cities COG Workforce

The Gateway Cities Council of Governments (Gateway Cities COG) region has a very dynamic and diverse workforce.  With a regional median age of 33 years and labor force of approximately 1 million people, the region is perfect for employers with all types of staffing needs. 

Income and Education Levels

The mean household income for the Gateway Cities COG region was $64,434 in 2009, while the median income was $52,155. Moreover, the region saw a substantial increase in the percentage of households with annual income over $100,000, and decrease in the percentages of households at the lower end of the income spectrum, since 2000.

Educational Attainment on the part of regional residents also showed improvement. Specifically, the percentages of residents who graduated from high school, college, and graduate school have all increased since 2000. Over the same period, the percentage of residents who have failed to finish high school decreased.

Why the Gateway Cities COG Region is Right for You

Located in southeast Los Angeles County, the Gateway Cities Council of Governments (Gateway Cities COG) region covers approximately 203 square miles and is home to approximately 2 million hardworking and capable residents. With access to global trade via one of the world’s leading full-service seaports, a recently upgraded commercial service airport, rail yards that transport ever-increasing amounts of imports and exports, and an improving network of roads and public transportation, the Gateway Cities region is the perfect location for your business!

With this Gateway Cities website, you can obtain all the information you need to find the right building, lot, or retail space for your business. You may: view available properties in the region; search all available sites; obtain dynamic property and business reports; conduct a dynamic demographic analysis of the region, create and print maps tailored to your needs, and so much more!

Gateway Cities Map

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